This is my box

The palette goes on the outside. Another magnet holds it in place, and the tripod is tied to the other side using hooks.

Capped droppers with Grahams walnut alkyd and some Clarified linseed oil. They have some washers glued to the bottom, and there are Neodymium magnets drilled in to the wood, for easy access. I usually start by covering the panel with the alkyd, saves me from mixing it with all the paints. I use the linseed oil to soften the paint. Its usually dry to to the touch the following day.

A collapsible watercontainer with a aluminum wire coiled up inside, perfect brushwasher!

This is the lid that holds one each of the following wet 3mm panels at the same time. 12x16,11x14,9x12 and 6x8.

Another Neodyme magnet holds the palette knife in place.

More Magnets that hold the pallate in place in the box. I used to have detachable hinges, where you´d have to remove and replace the sprints each time, this is so much more conveniet. Plus no sprints to loose!

The umbrella holder made for a babystroller. Its flexible in all directions, with mean that I can move it to follow the sun. Its awesome! I took a strip of wood and drilled a bunch of holes in it, and more holes in the Box, so it has an extra arms length to go up. I still need to find a white collapsible umbrella to fit in the hole, and Ill be set to go! The one that came with it is a bit too small. It only covers the box, and not me when it pours. as you'll see in the next post.

This gave me the most headaches, how to have an adjustable panelholder. I was in a 99cent store, and I saw these holders made for glass. They are perfect! Problem solved from the 99store (again!)

EVERYTHING fits snuggly inside.

I love her damn it! (Platonic love between a man and a wooden box, of course)

This is Mark II btw, Mark 1 is in the thrash...

This is how she started out .

Every time I start setting her up I feel a little like Nordberg in this scene from The Naked Gun....