A new Pochade box for smaller work.

Even though I have the amazing piece of kit know as the Soltek Easel, it is still pretty cumbersome, and not very discreet. I wanted to have something small, more inconspicuous to set up and paint, maybe at a cafe or on a park bench.

I converted a small panel carrier I made a while ago to a fully functioning lap-box. It still houses a panel carrier compartment underneath the makeshift slide out tray.

It will hold one 17x30 cm panel, or 3 10x17 cm panels. I have ordered a bunch of empty 20 ml tubes so that I can fill them with paint from larger tubes, more economical that way. I can also fit some brushes, box of Kleenex, small medium jar and a palate knife.

I fitted some sturdy rubber feet on the bottom, and a tripod mount in case I want to bring that along too. The extra loophole for the carrier strap is there so that I can secure the box from tipping by fastening it underneath my legs whilst sitting down, so I can have both hands free. The lid stays up by a simple rubber band fastened at the back.