Wet panel carrier!

One problem when painting out doors is how the hell do you transport your fresh panels to the safety of your studio, without smooshing, brushing, dropping, sticking or mucking them up? And if you are out for a day, what if you wanted multiple panels with you for different vistas?

The main issue I found with most commercially available carriers was that they are static, they accommodate one or a few set sizes. Its Annoying when you have a ton of different sized panels, (specifically if you find a nice frame in an antique shop , and want a panel to fit it)

So Ive been playing about with making my own, Macguyver-ish lightweight carrier, and after butchering my french easel (very satisfying by the way) I got some nice brass bolts, screws and hinges, and rummaging about finding various strips of wood around the studio, I made this. A dynamic wet panel carrier that will accommodate any sizes up to 35x43 cm (thats 14x17 " for you yanks).

There are 3 "slots". The middle one is static for one large panel. The outer two are adjustable. With 2 screws on each side I can fasten up to four panels of any size not exceeding the box dimensions, allowing me to carry up to 5 panels at once. I can also fit a stretched canvas in there if I leave the middle slot empty, and still bring panels with me on the opposite side. The width of my panels are 3 or 4 mm. (Birch plywood of course!)

I hope this was helpful for anyone else getting annoyed with keeping their work safe.