Eat in "style"!

Being in the middle of nowhere painting, be it woods, meadows or in a city, I usually bring a packed lunch. Its more cost effective and I like having control over what kinds of food I eat energy wise. Unfortunately more often than not, cutlery gets left behind and I'm reduced to using the palette knife as a utensil.

No more! This handy little keychainpocketknife has everything I could ever forget to bring with me, including a can opener, so I can eat cold baked beans straight out of the tin in true class.

It also has a screwpull, so the day I graduate from screw-tops to corks, that wont be a problem either!

...Well, it beats using the top of a cottage cheese container as a spoon sitting on a parkbench like a dirty hobo.

Im sure Im earning some kind of merit-badge for this.

Link to Magic pocketknifeforkeyspooney