For All Pleine Air travelers! IKEA appropriation!

When going on painting trips, something that can become increasingly problematic is the accumulation of wet panels and canvases, and where to dry them. If you are on the cheap, staying in a hostel, your wet panels will slowly start to take over the room, much to the annoyance of your fellow travelers who aren't too keen on stepping over your little masterpieces, scattered all over the place.

I was strolling tghrough IKEA the other day, and stumbled the "Rational Variera" collapsible pot-cover-holder. It will hold 6 wet panels and stretched canvases, and hopefully by the time its full, the first few will be dry. (Liquin man myself when Im traveling, so they are usually dry the next day). Its good for space saving in the studio too.

The little arms screw off, so it will fit easier in your luggage.

And best of all? Its 5 bucks...

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