Carl Lasson : Friends and Enemies exhibition

This is a show that was up in Stockholm at "Konst akademien" because the National Gallery is undergoing renovations for 3 years. It has some interesting pieces, but the ones I noticed the most were in fact done by other artists. There was the classic Zorn self portrait, a few Hanna Paulis and Oscar Björcks that I preferred.
Carl Larsson  (1853-1919) was one of the ABC painters (Anders Zorn, Bruno Liljefors and Carl Lasson) and they were all good friends, a be it with the usual competitiveness and drama that artists seem to bring with them whenever they gather for too long together.

The king of Sweden hated Larsson and did everything he could to stop his commission "Midvinterblot" for the National Gallery, and the painting was rejected, but Larsson prevailed posthumously, as the large painting was purchased and hung in its intended place at last.

He is most famous in Sweden for his watercolors of the perfect life collected in a published book called "Vårt Hem" (Our Home) and it had a huge influence on the arts and crafts movement in Sweden, and on how people decorated their homes. It was mostly thanks to his wife Karin, who was also a painter, but gave it up to create their home instead. Outwardly they portrayed themselves as the perfect couple, but Larsson suffered from depression, and it was said that he always had a bag packed so he could leave at a moments notice. He was also quite jealous of Zorns success over seas, and was quite vocal about it to him. The author and painter August Strindberg a good friend, until Larsson found out he had used himself and Karin as characters in a book, and not been very nice about it. Larsson was said to have taken a knife and walked the streets of Stockholm to find him. He didn't, but they were never to speak again.

This is his father, whom he did not get along with at all. He couldn't forgive him, even on his deathbed.

If I remember correctly, this is the artist Eva Bonnier, painted by Larsson. He liked her alot, but she did not like him, for reasons unknown. I saw a show with her as well, there will be a future post with her.
EDIT: This was in fact painted by Richard Bergh, not Larsson.

I cant remember who painted this, but it was a favourite.

This is a caricature of Zorn that Larsson sent to him on his birthday, saying something about him being in america making tons of money.

This is a portriat of Zorn made by Larsson.

Kind of anemic when you look at the Zorn selfie hanging right next to it. Unfair!

The two friends did some etchings of each other, face to face. You can tell that Larsson was not very confident with the needle!

This was a lovely Hanna Pauli, a huge painting that dominated the room.

Some of his early works from Paris and Gretz sur long. I preferred this room.

Portrait of Ernst Josephson by Axel Borg

This is Wilhelmina Holmberg, Larssons first love. She passed away very young, in childbirth.

This is a painting by a great disliker of Larssons. Unfortunatly I didnt take a note of his name, and the catalog is at my parents place. I believe he was a professor of the National Academy, where both Larsson, Zorn and other students rebelled (The opponents) and started their own school, the "Konstnärsförbundet" (of which Zorn had no part, he was to busy making money in america)

Swedish link, use google translate

This was painted by Oscar Björck, a young swedish painter who was good friends with Larsson (and also hung out a few years in Skagen with Kroyer)
It depicts Oscar II, the king who intensely disliked Larsson.

This is a very good and often overlooked painter. His pleine airs are particularly fine.

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