Photos from the Tyresö colony painters at Waldemars Udde.

These are the three shows that were up at the same time last year at Waldemars Udde, a museum in Stockholm. 3 for the price of one!

First there was an exhibition with paintings from Tyresö konstnärskoloni, 1894-191 (Tyresö artists colony) where Prince Eugen and friends (among others Oscar Björck, Richard Bergh, Lennart Nyblom och Viggo Johansen) would go an paint separately, then have dinner in the evening and discuss art and life in general. I particularly liked the small cartoons they did, but all in all the show was a bit of a letdown. Unfortunately many of the photos were pretty hard to seen, because of the glare from the amount of windows in the place. 

Next post will be on the Skagen Show, in a few days time!