Julius Kronbergs Studio In Skansen, Stockholm

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"Julius Kronberg (1850 in Karlskrona – 17 October 1921 in Stockholm) was a Swedish painter. Julius Kronberg received education at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts in Stockholm in the 1860s. A travel scholarship brought him to Paris via Düsseldorf and Copenhagen. He is associated with the Düsseldorf school of painting. He stayed in München where he continued studying before settling in Rome in 1877. He was a professor at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts between 1895-1898."

We (Atelier Stockholm) went to visit his studio located in Skansen, ( a pleine air painters wet dream). His studio is only open certain times of year, so you'd best call ahead to find out when.  His studio is filled to the brim with studies, ,clay maquettes, cartoons and one larger work. It is a spectacular place, well worth a visit. It was quite difficult to get good photos of many of the paintings because of the glare from the studio windows, and it was quite dark in places.