Laurits Tuxen at the Fugelsang Museum, Denmark

Me and my dad took a roadtrip over the holidays to Denmark, where we saw two shows, the Tuxen show and the Kroyer /Ancher show, which will be my next post.

Laurits Tuxen was a Danish painter who lived between 1853 and 1927. He studied in Paris with Leon Bonnat, who of course had both Sargent and Kroyer in his fold. He was primarily known as a portrait painter for the Royal Family, but spent time in Skagen and was good friends with the other artists there. He never actually lived there during its "heyday", only visiting occasionally. He admitted to regretting this to some part in letters later in life. He eventually moved there with his family in 1901 and bought a house named "Villa Dagminne" ( the Villa Day-Memory). He travelled extensively to exotic locations and painted small sketches, a few which were on display, terribly matted by grey wood, but still, I'm grateful.

It was quite hard to get good shots of the paintings as it was not allowed, and I was told off a few times, but hey, we travelled for 4 hours each way to get there, so Ill be damned if some BS rule about no photography is going to stop me from bringing them home with me for further study! And we bought the catalogue!

Here is a link with more information abut the house and life there. (google translate)

Tuxen made the famous sculpture of Kroyer and Ancher that greets visitors at the Skagen Museum. Tuxen is the blurry one n the background.


I wont say too much about Tuxen here as people far better than me have already in the links above, but Ill write some things I learned at the show.  On to the paintings!

King Christian IX of Denmark with family (1886)

This is the paining of which you can see the study above. It was not in the exhibition as it is in the permanent collection of Christiansborg. It is a massive 5x7 meters (17x23 foot). This is from Google but I will get a proper photo of it when we go there in march.

This is a smaller copy that is at Amaliensborg Royal Museum. A few things are omitted.