Part 2, Ps Kroyer and Michael Ancher, Friends and Rivals at Arken Museum of Art, Denmark

Here we go, part 2!
The double portrait of Kroyer and Marie was painted by the both of them as a wedding picture. They painted each other, very romantic!

This part starts off with a mighty self plein air self portrait by Ancher, probably one of my favorite paintings by him.

Kroyers pudgy self portrait was the last one he painted, he died shorty thereafter. I believe he gifted it to Ancher.

The study of Marie and Anna walking arm in arm on the beach was painted by Kroyer at the top (in 1897), and a copy made by Ancher of the same scene below it. This is the first time in 117 years that the two have been hung side by side, it was amazing to be able to study them up close. Kroyer only found out after he had copied it when Ancher sent him a letter , but he gave his permission happily. The one to the left is Kroyers.

The dog is called Rapp, ("quick/fast" in danish) and was his favorite hunting dog. They did a lot of hunting in Skagen, it was their favorite past time together with having lavish parties and dinners. Ancher wrote in a letter to Kroyer :
"By the way, It has occurred to me that the more one hunts, the better one paints. I think i might have to try that again, since I don't seem to be able to get anything started."

The fish still lives are Kroyers.

The interior scenes with Marie in watercolors were made after Kroeyr had seen the Swedish painter Carl Larssons paintings from "A home". Here is a blogpost from that show.

The bonfire painting was great to see again, and you can compare who is who on the plaque next to it. Quite sad to see Kroyer painting Marie with  Hugo Alven, the composer she left him for.  Dad for scale.

And finally a small clay sketch done by Laurits Tuxen  done for the larger sculpture. The Tuxen show images can be seen here.